Time to Improve Retrospective

Why Retrospective so important?

Black mirror

Is this Sprint better than previous?
The completion percentage looks Okay.
Log your work!

Not everyone in the team tries to give feedback and without feedback, we don’t know what to improve. — Akrawit Suwansuntisuk

What Would Brian Boitano Do? (c)

Retrospective Techniques

Example of Safety Check answer
Example of ESVP question
Example of ESVP answer
Draft Happiness Radar
Happiness Radar 2.0
Example of Happiness Radar answer

Happiness radar — good for an opening session because we know the main topics that we should focus on and talk about. — Akrawit Suwansuntisuk

Ship — visualization of team collaboration

After many experiments and many approaches, we keep doing Retrospective stuff, that fits the nature of our team. — Akrawit Suwansuntisuk

Take A Look Around

Achtung! 17% of Stories time was wasted by Operational tasks

Enjoy Retrospective



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