How we built a Software Developers Community

Developers Open Work and Learn (DevOWL)

Meetup group of Software Developers who Open for together Work and Learn


The goal of the Meetup events is to build a Software Development Culture in Vitebsk and to create the Developers Community for collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experience.


May 2014. As Max Podolyako said, it was calm and cozy Meetup.


Everyone has something to say

Once we did a Hackathon in a partnership with Garage48


Not usual space for us. By the way, slides are about Erlang. Not usual topic.


Me, Olga and Kseniya at Meetup in Irish Pub. Developers, beer and tech-talks. Cheers!


Post Scriptum

Once in September 2017, we did a Dev Quiz. Great idea, by the way!

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Vlad Batushkov

Vlad Batushkov


Engineering Manager @ Agoda. Neo4j Featured Community Member. Certified Neo4j Professional. Articles brewed on web, hops and indie rock’n’roll.