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  • BP Editors

    BP Editors

    We cover code tutorials, leadership and management, productivity, coffee and a daily digest.

  • Canva Engineering

    Canva Engineering

  • Alexander Fandén

    Alexander Fandén

    Product Design Lead at Agoda

  • Tomaz Bratanic

    Tomaz Bratanic

    Data explorer. Turn everything into a graph. Author of Graph algorithms for Data Science at Manning publication.

  • Dan McCreary

    Dan McCreary

    Distinguished Engineer with an interest in knowledge graphs, AI, and systems thinking. Big fan of STEM, Arduino, robotics, DonkeyCars, and the AI Racing League.

  • Yasser Shaikh

    Yasser Shaikh

    Lead @ Agoda.com — Frontend Engineering. Gamer, Footballer, Bollywood Buff, Software Engineer, and @stackoverflow contributor. Mumbaikar.

  • Ilya Nemtsev

    Ilya Nemtsev

    Code purist, gadget lover, searcher of beautiful inspirations and good pastry

  • Estelle Scifo

    Estelle Scifo

    PhD, Data Scientist, Python developer — Graphie award 2019 @Neo4j — author @PacktPub — now CTO @SmartGrid https://www.linkedin.com/in/estellescifo/

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